Ava and Peeping Tom

It all started when I was given a telescope for my fourteenth birthday, I had been doing a science project on astronomy and wanted to look at the planets. I’d borrowed my dad’s binoculars but I hadn’t been able to hold them steady enough to use them. My parents bought me a small telescope fitted with a tripod and it had helped me with the project.

One of the problems with where we lived was that it was surrounded by street lights, so I soon found myself packing the scope onto the cross bar of my bike, strapping the tripod to my back and heading the couple of miles to a local hill, which got me away from street lights at night. The view of both our town and the sky was very impressive and I spent many enjoyable evenings on that hill.

It was about July or early August, well into the school summer holiday, that a comet was making a close pass and I wanted to get a good look at it. The problem was that as it was the middle of summer it didn’t go dark until late, so it took a lot of nagging at my mom for me to get permission to stay out late to see it. She eventually let me, probably just to shut me up, but I had gotten what I wanted.

On that Saturday night I set off for the hill, telescope, notebook and a thermos, (mothers idea), loaded on the bike. I found a nice comfortable position; set up the telescope dropped a blanket on the ground and waited for it to go dark. It wasn’t as boring as it sounds because I was able to check up on a couple of satellites as they went overhead. I noticed that a few cars were moving into an area at the bottom of the hill, I remembered seeing them before, but I hadn’t given them much thought.

The comet was brilliant, really worth staying out to watch, I made lots of sketches and notes on the whole event. I wondered about getting a camera and fitting it to the telescope so that I could get proper pictures, another thing to check on in the future.

It was while I was preparing to put everything away that I saw another car arrive at the bottom of the hill, my curiosity got the better of me, so I swung the scope around and focused on what was happening below. I’m sure you know, but I was a young lad and hadn’t given it much thought up till then.

After parking the couple I saw began snogging, he was leaning towards her and I could just make out that her blouse was undone. I swung round and noticed another next car not far away from the first, but I couldn’t see anything, it was too dark.

Then I noticed a third car, and that was the beginning of my interest in spying with my telescope. This car was very revealing, the driver was reclined in his seat, a girls head was bobbing up and down in his lap, I’d never had, or seen, a blowjob before, but I’d read about them and I was now watching one.

My own prick was instantly hard, and, taking it out of my trousers I started to wank in time with the girl’s movements, I quickly speeded up, moving faster than the girl, my eye glued to the scope. Even with his head start I came well before he did, spraying my spunk into the grass beside me.

Having shot my load I continued to watch and, after he’d come I was rewarded with the sight of the girls tits as she sat back in her seat.

The guy then lent over and started to kiss her and grope her her big tits. I watched as his hand went down her body, I could tell that he had started to play with her cunt, but I couldn’t see that far down, I watched until she started to squirm around and I could she her face through the scope, I know that he had given her an orgasm, then they straightened their clothes and drove away.

Fully aware now I looked around, most of the cars had left by then, I glanced at my watch and realized I was in trouble, I was late. I packed up and dashed home, I ignored the fact that I was late, telling mom and dad all about the comet, showing them my drawings and probably boring them silly, but they didn’t comment on the time.

I went up the hill the following afternoon and had a look around, I knew where the cars parked so I was looking for a place, not to close, where I could set up my telescope for good viewing and not be seen. I didn’t think that I would be very popular if the people saw me watching them, and they were all a lot bigger than me. I eventually found a place between two bushes half way up the hill. I checked to make sure that I could get in and out of this spot without being seen. After all this careful reconnaissance I headed home, happy with the plans I’d laid.

When I went out that night I was very disappointed, it was a Sunday and people, it would appear, didn’t go out to play then. The only car that came into the area was a police car; it drove in, did one circuit and then drove off again. I ended up watching the comet again, and as good as it was it was still a let down. I’d have to watch and see when people went out.

A couple of days later I had another moment of inspiration, from my bedroom I could see into our neighbors back gardens, the woman next door, who was old enough to be my mother, was sunbathing there so I set up the telescope and had a look. I failed again, she was too close, it wouldn’t focus on her, so I started to scan around at the various houses that I could see, checking which ones I could get a good view of.

Then it was time to compile a list of who lived in these houses and, all things considered, where they worth looking at. There was Gillian, a sexy looking girl of about eighteen who lived off to one side and Mrs Addams, or Ava as she wanted me to call her, a divorced woman who I baby-sat for once a month.

Over the next couple of nights I spent a great deal of time in my bedroom, writing up my notes… in reality staring at various bedrooms, waiting for lights to come on. The eighteen year old wasn’t very helpful, yes she was very pretty, but invariably, whenever she went into her room she shut the curtains and unfortunately I couldn’t see through material, Ava, however was much more helpful.

Ava, as I’ve said, was divorced, her former husband, a guy had been in the army and apparently, while overseas, had gone off with some woman and not bothered coming back. She a child, a boy who was five, the kid I looked after for her when she went out. I did not exactly know what she was doing for living, I guess she worked in entertainment business, and seemed to have quite a lot free time. When Ava was in her room she didn’t bother with the curtains so I was able to see her getting changed a couple of times. I didn’t see much, just her walking around in her underwear, but to a young lad like me that was excellent wanking material.

In addition to this I found that Friday and Saturday’s were the best days for watching the cars from the hill, it was on one of these days that I saw my first fuck. I’d set up as usual and quite early on a red Ford Granada had pulled up, the man looked quite old but the girl was cute, a slim girl, blond and quite short. They were quickly snogging away his hands going all over her body, I watched as he undid her short denim dress, her tits appearing as if by magic, totally free as she wasn’t wearing a bra. His head dipped as he began to suck on her nipples, she was obviously enjoying this, and so was I. He’d been at this for a couple of minutes before his head went down into her lap, she stuck one of her legs up on the dashboard of the car and wiggled around to help him get in.

I was wanking furiously by this time, this was the best show I’d seen so far, after a few minutes of this, and my first orgasm, the man came up for air, the girl pushed him back onto his seat and clambered over the center console and onto his lap. She was kissing him on the lips whilst rubbing her exposed tits on his chest, there was a pause in her movements, then she raised her body and I got a quick view of a very stiff prick, before she lowered herself on to it. She rested her head on his shoulder and started to bounce her body up and down on his dick, my prick had stayed hard and I was wanking as fast as I could, after a couple of minutes of this action he grabbed her butt and squeezed hard, nearly pushing her head into the roof and somehow I knew that he was filling her with his spunk.

Compared with this scene the rest of the evening was very quiet.

I had to be careful for the next week, I’d abused my dick to much, there was a reddening around the head where I’d wanked too hard, or too fast, whichever I didn’t wank for the next week, I didn’t even go up the hill on the next Friday. That Saturday evening I sat in my bedroom staring out of the window when I caught a movement in Ava’s bedroom, like a moth to a candle flame I had to look. I positioned the telescope so that I could see and watched as she took a couple of dresses out of her wardrobe, she then stripped down to her underwear before trying each of them on. The blue dress was short and soft, a bit like a sexy night dress, when she had it on you could clearly see her bra straps and I held my breath as she undid and then removed her bra, after she had looked at herself in the mirror she peeled the dress off, revealing her nig boobs to me. She did have very big tits, and they were nicely shaped and had very big nipples, I was stiff just watching her, I even had a quick stroke before she left her room, I waited for her to re-appear but she didn’t, so I went to bed.

The following week was very quiet, it rained on the Friday so I had another week off, Ava was noticeable by her absence whenever I was watching. I tried to obtain a view of other women but doing so was always fraught with risks, I had to set the telescope up in a different room in the house and then make sure that mom or dad didn’t catch me. In the end I gave up trying. When school started again it put paid to my nocturnal wanderings so I had to be satisfied with the occasional glimpse of Ava from my bedroom window, even my astronomy suffered.

Eventually we neared Christmas, the events of note over this period were my fifteenth birthday, some said they were surprised I’d lasted this long, but I put that down to jealousy, they being so ‘old’. I was given a camera for my birthday, a nice Praktica 35mm SLR, not the most modern of cameras but a very good one for a beginner. I also got an adapter for the telescope to take the camera so now I could take pictures of stars, planets, comets and women. Apart from these new toys Christmas was perfectly normal, lots of chocolate, food and a little bit of lager, probably more than mom knew about but not enough to get totally wrecked.

For the New Year I’d been volunteered as a baby-sitter for Ava, I didn’t mind as my parents were going to my aunt’s for a party, and whilst they used to be fun I found that I was still treated as a child and not a grown up, then again I probably acted like a child so you can’t really blame them.

when Ava arrived, she looked wonderful, she was wearing the same blue dress that I'd seen her in when I first saw her big tits
… when Ava arrived, she looked wonderful, she was wearing the same blue dress that I’d seen her in when I first saw her big tits
I arrived at Ava’s at seven o’clock ready to do battle with the kids, we always had a laugh and they weren’t any trouble but we had to go through the motions, and of course we did. Ava was upstairs getting ready so she yelled down for me to make myself a drink and she’d be down in a minute. I went into the kitchen and made myself a coffee, I’d just added the milk when Ava arrived, she looked wonderful, she was wearing the same blue dress that I’d seen her in when I first saw her big tits. I gave a wolf whistle and told her how beautiful and sexy she was. She laughed back at me saying she was to old to be sexy, so I did my best to be gallant and said things like ‘how can you be to old at twenty’ and ‘You look sexy from here’, I’m sure I was bright red as I said these things, I definitely felt hot, and not just around the face.

She left us just after half past and after playing several games I had the kids in bed by nine, after reading them a bedtime story, which involved lots of animal impressions I turned the lights off and went back down stairs. Ava had left me a few cans of lager and some sweets and a piece of Christmas cake so I proceeded to stuff my face and watch the film on TV.

It was a boring evening really, the film was dull and there was nothing else on, I hadn’t bothered to bring a book to read so I really couldn’t blame anybody else. I drank the cans, fortunately they were only small one’s and wondered what Ava was up to and what time she’d be back.

I was surprised, about twenty to midnight, when a taxi pulled up outside, Ava got out, paid the driver and approached. I opened the door for her, she was crying, not much but her makeup around her eyes had run a bit, leaving small black lines running from the corner of her eyes down over her cheeks. I stepped back and let her past, she went through to the living room and dropped on the couch, I followed her through and wondered what to do next, in the end I asked her if she wanted a drink? She said yes, and told me to open a bottle of wine from the fridge.

I went into the kitchen, got the first bottle I came to that didn’t say sparkling on it, a German wine, not that I knew much about wine, and after searching through the cutlery draw for a corkscrew, managed to get it open. I poured a glass, fished out the little bit of cork floating in it, and took it through to her.

She looked at it and said, ‘its rude to make a lady drink alone, pour yourself a drink’. Always a good boy, and not knowing what else to do I went and got myself a glass.

I sipped the wine slowly, not sure if I liked the taste but not prepared to cause a fuss. In the twenty minutes before midnight Ava drank the rest of the bottle and then sent me to get a bottle of sparkling wine from the fridge, ready for the New Year she said.

I went and collected the bottle and returned to the front room where I found that Ava was looking through the patio doors she’d opened. I moved up behind her and handed her the bottle, she took it from me, giving me both of our empty glasses in exchange. She stepped into the garden, and I followed her outside, we could still hear the celebrations on the television.

As the countdown started she turned to me and told me to hold the glasses out, she pointed the bottle off to one side and popped the cork, she filled both glasses and as the television announced Happy New Year she took her glass and toasted me. I raised my glass to her, took a sip and waited to see what would happen next.

She stepped forward and offered her lips for a kiss, I moved closer and slipped my free arm around her and kissed her ready lips, I felt a glow start in the pit of my stomach and my prick began hardening.

I heard the bottle hit the ground with a thud, her arm came around me and she pressed her lips, and her body, firmly to me, her tongue invaded my mouth, seeking my tongue, she teased me with her tongue, exciting me as she played. I slid back slightly, looking her in the eye and watched as she smiled at me and then moved forward again, I dropped my glass, hearing it break as it hit the floor, I now had both arms around a woman, attempting to copy the movements of her lips, and her hips.

I dropped a hand to her behind, squeezing it, feeling her flesh move under my hand, I pulled her body hard against my hips trying to push my prick through my trousers and up her dress, I was so excited I don’t know how I didn’t cum there and then. I moved my hands around her back, up and down her body, trying to feel all of her before she tried to stop me. I felt her naked flesh under my hands as I reached her shoulders, moving around I felt the thin straps of her dress so I pushed them to the sides. I stopped kissing her lips and slid my mouth along her cheek and down onto her neck.

She flung her head backwards allowing me access to the full length of her neck. Not fully believing my luck I nibbled my way from the hollow at the front up to her earlobe, which I flicked gently with my tongue. My lips next excursion was down onto her shoulder, I felt tempted to bite her shoulder but decided I was enjoying what I was doing so carried on. As I reached the strap I kept moving it away from my exploring mouth, nearer to the edge of her arm, until it dropped away. I then made my way back to the middle, kissing her lips and slipping my tongue in between them.

I carried on traversing her body, working down the opposite side of her neck and across her other shoulder freeing the strap from this shoulder as I went. The straps were now resting by her elbows, held there because her arms were on my shoulders, one hand still holding a wine glass. When my lips returned to hers she looked me in the eye and I felt her flick the glass away, hearing it land somewhere behind me. Still looking me straight in the eye she moved her arms outwards, holding the straps in place, she then stepped back slightly and slowly lowered her arms to her side, the straps fell and the top of her dress followed them downwards.

Her breasts appeared, small cones of brown flesh topped by stiff, cherry colored nipples, the dress continued to fall, it caught slightly at her flared hips, she gave a gentle wiggle and it continued downwards, eventually coming to rest on the floor around her ankles. She stood before me in a skimpy lace slip and black high heels.

She stepped out of the dress, back into my waiting arms, I could feel her nipples, burning my chest through my shirt, her naked flesh pressing against my body, I wanted to be naked, now, I tried to grab my shirt but she stopped me, pushing my arms onto her shoulders and forcing her lips back onto mine. I felt her hands rubbing my chest, her fingers slowly opening the buttons. As more of them were undone her hands entered the gap created and went to work on my skin.

I hadn’t realized how sensitive my nipples were, or that they were attached directly to my balls. Each time she tweaked a nipple I felt a twinge below. She had my shirt undone and then her hands came up onto my neck, the tips of her fingers stroking my ears, I shuddered, enjoying the sensations she was creating.

Her hands ran over my shoulders, moving my arms down to my sides, my shirt dropping away from me. She pressed herself back against me, her hot nipples now burning into my naked flesh. It felt wonderful, I was so excited I didn’t know what to do next; all I could do was go with Ava and enjoy myself.

I wanted to kiss her nipples, so I let my knees bend, lowering my body, my lips working there way down her neck, then onto her breasts, I searched for a nipple, finding it I drew it into my mouth, holding it with my lips I teased the end with my tongue. I sucked hard, pulling it forward into my mouth. I opened it wider, trying to get all of her big tit into my mouth; her hands appeared on the back of my head, her fingers gripping my hair. She pulled me off her breast, I wanted to stay there, but all she did was move me to the other tit, forcing my mouth onto it, her voice encouraging me to suck her nipple.

There I was, knelling in the back garden, kissing a nearly naked woman’s tits and having the time of my life. Ava slowly slid down to join me on her knees, I felt her hands groping for the belt of my jeans, I sucked my stomach in, trying to make it as easy as possible for her, the whole time she was struggling with the belt her mouth was glued to mine.

Feeling of Ava Addams sucking my cock was greatest feeling ever.
Feeling of Ava Addams sucking my cock was greatest feeling ever.
With my jeans undone she pushed me backwards, it was a struggle but I managed to twist my legs out from under me, I lay there with my prick pointing at my chin, exposed because I hadn’t wear underpants. She lowered her head, gripped my prick and gently, pulling it into a vertical position, I watched as the tip of my very excited prick disappeared between her lips, the feeling of the tip of her tongue, slowly working its way around the end of my prick was exquisite, every nerve in my body wanted me to orgasm, but I held on…just. Feeling of Ava Addams sucking my cock was greatest feeling ever.

“Ava, please, I’m going to cum…” she glanced up and somehow managed to smile that it was OK, so I let fly, I don’t know whether she thought it was a gentle flow or a full blooded torrent but to me I felt like it must have hit her toes before it stopped, only my shoulders and heels were on the ground as I drove my hips upwards, she took everything I could throw at her.

I sagged back to the floor, I felt drained but Ava kept my prick in her mouth, her tongue still teasing my prick, I was so sensitive that a simple flick with her tongue made me twitch, she never let my prick go. Her constant oral ministrations kept me at attention, I had always gone soft after an orgasm, this was another first for me.

Ava let my stiff prick slide out of her mouth and started to crawl up my body, her mouth working its way over my stomach, pausing at each nipple before, once again, clamping itself back onto my lips. It was when I realized that there was a slightly salty taste to her kisses that I remembered that she had swallowed my spunk and I was now kissing it. I felt a bit strange about this but my prick gave a little twitch and her tongue came flying into my mouth so I forgot about it and just enjoyed what was happening.

She released my mouth and raised her head a couple of inches; staring straight into my eyes she said, “Lets go in.” That reminded me that we were outside; I quickly glanced around but couldn’t see anybody, a few lights in windows but no people. As Ava stood I allowed my hands to slide down her body, over her buttocks and along her legs, she stepped back into the house. I stood, nearly tripping over my jeans, scrambled out of them and carrying them followed her inside. She’d stopped just inside the doors, facing away from me, as I touched her she walked forward, I followed as she led me through the house and up the stairs. I knew where we were going and my heart rate shot up even further, I followed as she entered her bedroom, pausing just inside the door, she half turned and held out her hand, I dropped my jeans so that I could take her hand, and she led me to her double bed.

She swung me around kissed me gently and then pushed me back onto the bed, she got on the bed and moved up my body only this time she didn’t stop when she kissed me but kept moving forward, I looked up and her tits went past, her nipples point straight at me, I stretched forward my tongue just reaching a nipple before it moved on past. Here knees came up past my shoulders and her pantie-clad pussy appearing in front of me. She then knelt upright her hands moving over her tensed thighs, stroking upwards onto her knickers, the tips of her fingers moving along the elastic that held them in place. I waited and watched, I could smell a strange and exciting odor, my first introduction to pussy, she slipped her fingers under the elastic and moved the material to one side, revealing an inflamed pussy. I had seen pictures in books and magazines but this was the first time I had seen a mature and excited pussy up close.

As I lay there taking in the view Ava slipped her fingers between her pussy lips and opened herself up, displaying her glistening passage to me, her clit was sticking out, a bright red beacon calling to me. She lowered herself towards me, I heard a whispered ‘please’ as she advanced, I sent my tongue out to meet her, trying to remember everything I’d ever read about oral sex. I ran my tongue up to that stiff clit, sliding around it, covering it in my saliva before wriggling the tip of my tongue over it as fast as I could. Ava arched her back further and dropped down onto my mouth, I licked, kissed and sucked for all I was worth, professional it wasn’t but it was obviously effective as Ava shuddered time and again above me, soaking my face with her juices.

Ava eventually slid off my face, coming to rest beside me, her arm across my chest as I slowly got my breath back, I hadn’t realized that having sex was such hard work. As she lay there she moved her head and kissed me then her hand, once again, starting to stroke my chest. She moved it lower, bumping into my prick, which was still rock hard, she looked at me and said “I’d forgotten you were still hard” she smiled, “We’d better do something about it hadn’t we….” with that she rolled on to her back, spreading her legs and invited me to get on top. Knackered or not I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity, like an eager puppy I dived on top my prick waggling like a tail, Ava held me off, telling me to slow down there was no rush.

She took my prick and guided it to the entrance to her cunt, then raising her knees she let me slip it in.
She took my prick and guided it to the entrance to her cunt, then raising her knees she let me slip it in.

She took my prick and guided it to the entrance to her cunt, then raising her knees she let me slip it in. Her warm chasm wrapped itself around my prick, gripping me, pulling me further in. I lowered myself down, the heat building around my prick, my pubic hair met hers and I started to rise up again, I repeated the action, my speed building, as was my need.

Two minutes later my ass was driving my prick up and down like a jack hammer, I could see Ava’s mouth moving but I could hear a word she was saying, just the blood roaring through my ears and a high speed grunting noise, me, urging me onwards. I reached the point of no return; I hammered my prick into her as hard as I could, forcing myself to orgasm. I juddered to a halt my prick pushed as far in as it would go, spunk shooting from the end, my hands locked in the quilt my toes curled up tight, my first fuck!!

I collapsed beside Ava, gasping, sweating, totally worn out. She held me close and smiled at me, I returned her smile, I felt elated, I’d done it, or to be more precise she’d done me and had I enjoyed it, I lay there wondering what came next. The answer, as it turned out was sleep, within minutes we’d both gone to sleep, cuddled together.

Ava woke me up a couple of hours later in a panic, she was saying “You should have gone home, we shouldn’t have done what we’d done, she was very sorry.” I blinked a couple of times and tried to get a grip on what she was saying, but I was knackered and she was slurring her words because of the drink but I eventually got the idea that it was time for me to leave. I crawled out of bed, searched out my clothes, most of which were still in the garden, we’d even left the patio doors wide open, and got dressed, getting more with it as time passed. I collected Ava’s clothes at the same time and bought them in. Once I was dressed I went back upstairs, Ava was awake so I went over, looked down at her and said “Goodnight and thank you.” “You mustn’t tell anybody about tonight,” she sounded worried, well I suppose I was underage but I wasn’t going to complain. I smiled, I was so happy, “Ava, I won’t tell anyone, there’s nothing to worry about, it was wonderful, just like you…” I gave her a quick kiss on the lips before turning and heading for home.

Mom and Dad had gone to bed so I let myself in, had a quick wash and then lay in bed reliving my experience. I was a very happy guy, wondering what I would ‘see’ next.

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