Ava gets blacked

It was another hard day at the office, I was pretty much frustrated with everything and thought I’d be better off if I just left work early and got away for a while. So I decided to leave and take a drive.

While I was out I thought I would stop by and visit with my old friend Ava. She’s always good at making the day better, so a quick little detour and there I was in front of her apartment building.

I had to park down the street because there was a maintenance crew set up that had the road blocked off in front of her apartment building. They must have been on break, because their trucks were parked with orange cones around the work area, but no one was visible as I walked to her front door. I was a little nervous visiting Ava while her husband was at work, after all she’s white and I’m black and it might look a little suspicious that I was visiting her during the afternoon like this. But I knew that it was totally innocent so I shrugged it off and I made my way up the stairs and to the front door of her unit.

I glanced in the partially open blinds and “WOW” what I saw was incredible. My pretty white friend was receiving some maintenance of her very own from the road crew. Ava was lying on her back with her legs spread wide and a big black guy about 25 years old, wearing orange coveralls, was on his knees, with his face buried between them.

There were two other white guys beside her also in orange coveralls, each holding one of her ankles up high in the air and using their free hands to reach up under her gray top to explore her big breasts. There was one other big black man setting in a chair in the corner, drinking a Corona and apparently directing the crew.

Ava looked as if she was in COCK HEAVEN, she was playing with the zippers of the two men at her side, then she had them open and was slowly checking out each of their tools while her cunt was getting a good tonguing from the younger black guy. He had rather thick lips that clamped tight on her pussy the entire time. It looked like he was suctioning her. Every now and then he would pull his lips away and stick his tongue out to work her clit in a circle. Hell his tongue had to be four or five inches long; he probably could have fucked her with it.

By now Ava had carefully inspected each of the white guy’s cocks and they must have met with her approval, because she began stroking them. By now they had pulled her gray top up over her nice big tits and the dark headed guy on her right bent over to suck one of her big nipples into his mouth. He grabbed the other nipple and was pinching and twisting it while he sucked the first one.

The other guy, the youngest in the group, a blonde boy, had taken this opportunity to move his hips closer to Ava’s mouth. I could see the thick drops of precum on the head of his swollen pink cock as Ava pulled it to her tongue. As she took the first taste of it, she pulled it back from her tongue leaving a string of sticky precum connecting her tongue to his cock.

She looked long and lustfully at it then reached between his legs and grabbed his ass pulling his hips to her face and swallowing all seven inches of his cock in one mouthful. Her other hand went to the back of the black guys head, and as she sucked cock she began to hump her cunt against his face.

The blonde boy was humping her face as if he were fucking a wet cunt, Ava’s tits were being pulled and sucked like mad and her ass was bouncing up and down furiously as she humped the black lips on her cunt, which were now joined by his right hand buried inside her.

From outside I could here her as she began cumming, “OH, OH, OHH, YYEAH, OHH, AAAWWWW!” Then her screams of delight were drowned out as the blond boy erupted and shot a huge load of thick white cum into her mouth, overflowing and running down her chin, dripping into her long dark hair.

The big black guy in the chair now stood up and began to remove his orange overalls. The younger black guy stopped eating her cunt, to see Ava lick all the cum from the blond boys cock, cleaning perfectly from his cock.

Ava looked used and exhausted after her wild cumming and just kind of laid there motionless for a few minutes. Then as the older black guy undressed she became more and more interested, his semi hard cock must have been at least twice as big as mine and was as black as midnight. She sat up on her knees and fondled her big tits as the man towered over her, he was about 6’7″ and probably close to 300 pounds of solid rock hard jet-black muscle.

Ava crawled up to him and took the head of his semi hard cock into her mouth. With her two hands she began to stroke the base of his cock with one and massage his huge black balls with the other. It was only a matter of seconds until his giant cock was stretched wide and hard, with huge veins protruding all around it.

Ava sucked and licked on it as if she were a hoit woman with a craving for chocolate and it was a huge chocolate covered banana. As she made love to his big black love-muscle the dark headed white guy knelt behind her and began rubbing his cock between her asscheeks and reached abound and continued to feel those big tits that he’d apparently loved sucking so much. She too must have enjoyed it, the way her big nipples stayed so hard the whole time.

Then Mr. Big Black Guy, decided to lay down on the floor, Ava’s mouth dove straight down, back on the huge cock, not wasting a second on her big chocolate banana. She pumped it harder as she sucked on the big purple head of it.

Ava slowly let his huge dick begin to part her cuntlips
Ava slowly let his huge dick begin to part her cuntlips
Then Mr. Big Black Guy gently held her head and guided her up to his mouth were they kissed deeply as she positioned her dripping pussylips over his huge cockhead. She slowly let his huge dick begin to part her cuntlips the dark headed white boy began licking her exposed asshole, with long, wet, slow, licks.

Ava’s big tits were really a color contrasts against the jet-black skin of Mr. Big as they hung down and rested on his chest. It took about five minutes for her to work that huge black cock all the way inside her vagina; all the time having her ass kissed and licked with hot, wet tongue.

As Ava began to slowly raise back up his long shaft, I could see the overstretched lips of her cunt gripping his cock, and her pussy juices left his cock shinning like it’d just had a wax job.

Now the young black boy changed places with the white guy and took his turn kissing Ava’s ass and fondling her tits from behind. The white boy raised Ava’s chin up as he straddled Mr. Big Black Guy and she eagerly took his thick cock into her mouth. She sucked it deep and as her lips reached the base of it her tongue came out and licked a circle around it, at the same time her stretched cuntlips slid back down on Mr. Big Black Guy’s huge tool.

She then began a slow, steady, rhythm of black cock fucking and white cocksucking. She was extremely wet on both ends; her thick juices dripped from her cunt down to coat Mr. Big Black Guy’s hairy balls while saliva dripped from her chin as she sucked cock.

After a few minutes of hot, wet, sweaty fucking the other black guy decided to take his turn, and he’d already decided that his turn was going to be in Ava’s tight little asshole. He dropped to his knees and grabbed her hips bringing her rhythm to a stop. Then he positioned his rather long dark cock right into the center of Ava’s white asscheeks.

She removed the cock from her mouth and dropped her face down to Mr. Big Black Guy’s shoulder as the head of the young black man’s cock first stretched her ass enough to squeeze inside.

There was a bottle of hand lotion on the table that the blond white boy took over and squirted half the bottle in her ass cheeks. Then the black guy in her ass began slowly pumping the head of his cock in and out of her for a short time, then reached up and grabbed her shoulders, pulling her up from Mr. Big Black Guy’s shoulder. Just as the white guy feeding his cock back to her mouth reached around squeezing her big tits, I could see the black cock in her ass impale itself deep into her anal tunnel.

Muffled by the fat cock in her mouth, Ava screamed, “GOD, YESS, YESSSS,” and began a wild, hot, out of control, half hour of black dick fucking and white cock sucking.

From time to time as she was being pounded from the rear, the black boy would hold, squeeze and pinch on her big tits, while Mr. Big Black Guy would suck and bite on them. The guy, who was fucking Ava’s mouth, held her head straight and humped his cock in and out of her as hard as he could.

Ava was so damn hot looking, taking three cocks at a time fucking them like a rabbit for at least a half hour; I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

Finally the white boy’s head jerked back and he began grunting, holding the back of Ava’s head tight, with his fat cock stuffed in her mouth, he came, and came, and came, loads of thick white cum began dripping out of the corners of Ava’s mouth, down her chin, and onto her big tits. There were two big globs that landed on each of her big brown nipples.

“YYEAHHHHH, MAMA, YEAHHHHH,” The black guy in Ava’s ass screamed as he tensed up and pounded her even harder than ever. Then he started cumming and didn’t stop for about thirty seconds. He reached around and with his hand, squeezed, Ava’s tits, and as he squeezed them Mr.’ Big Black Guy raised up and sucked on her cum covered nipples. Ava exploded in another window shaking orgasm.

Just them Mr. Big Black Guy had his orgasm. I could see huge globs of his come squirting out between his cock and Ava’s over-stretched cunt lips. I could see his huge cock throb as the thick loads of cum surged through his big black cock-shaft to fill Ava’s cunt. Then as she overflowed with thick hot cum it began dripping back out the sides of her cuntlips, mixing with the other man’s cum that was dripping from her asshole and running down to puddle onto her carpet.

I then realized why I had come there to start with, just as I felt my own cum dripping down the leg of my slacks. I guess it was a trip that was well worth it; I though as I quickly got back into my car and drove back to the office. Again, Ava’s slutty ways had gotten rid of all my frustrations.

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